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Bestrand Mechanical Technology was established in 2001 as a professional manufacturer in compressed gas solutions for customers worldwide. Over the past 20 years, we have exported to more than 200 countries around the world, mainly in South America, South East Asia, Europe and the USA, and are committed to providing our customers with energy-efficient and cost-effective compressors and after-treatment equipment.

Our company is committed to the production of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly air compressors, and we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "creating value, win-win cooperation".Because we have been adhering to this business philosophy, we export at least 5000 sets of air compressors every year, with a total annual production value of nearly 100 million, and have so far won 13 domestic awards in China, and obtained more than 20 certificates: energy-saving certification, China Energy Efficiency Mark certificate, qualification certificate, new patent certificate, etc. Our original aim is to solve problems for our customers professionally and efficiently, to solve all kinds of problems related to compressed air, we face "manufacturing" and customers directly, this is our original point and our advantage.

High quality is our number one priority . We have always sought, and still seek, "the essence of what a compressor needs". As a result, we have built up a wealth of technology, experience and knowledge, and now have a relatively strong presence in China, as well as exporting air compressors to foreign markets that are consistently gaining recognition and support from our customers. We believe that a compressor is a better compressor when it brings more profit to the customer. "Maintaining and improving production performance through a steady supply of compressed air." "Reducing energy costs" through energy savings. Long-term reliability for 10-20 years. Compressed air is the lifeline and for compressors we are committed to only making high quality air compressors to solve our customers' needs and thus contribute to their business and career through compressors. We also have an advantage over our peers in the industry in that each of our machines is fitted with an industrial IOT monitoring system that allows us to monitor the operating status of the machine and its wear and tear in real time. We are the only company that has taken this approach to fully support the after-sales service system for air compressors, so we will meet the different needs of our customers to help upgrade and improve the air compressor industry.

In the end , we will provide our customers with compressors that meet their needs and are of the highest quality, and we will strive to do so!


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Bestrand Mechanical Technology was established in 2001 as a professional manufacturer in compressed gas solutions for customers worldwide.
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